Quality Assurance

quality assurance

Malach's quality management system has been in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 since 2002.  Our Quality System ensures careful and thorough quality planning for all production stages to result in manufacturing excellence for our customers. 

Our quality is driven by a non-stop focus on continuous improvement and expansion of processes and capabilities.  The commitment of our staff at all levels ensures success.  Our supplier standing with long-term customers attests to our quality capabilities and success in over 51 years of operation.

Aiming to be a company worthy of engaging customer trust, Malach treats Total Quality Assurance with the greatest importance.  At every stage from marketing, R&D and planning, to design, production, sales and delivery, we guarantee the highest quality, so that we can provide customers with reasonably priced products of consistent quality that meet safety and functionality standards and are delivered on time.

View our ISO:9001 2008 certification

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