Forming / Bending

The brakes department continually improves its internal processes by adding new technology and utilizing revolutionary production techniques.  This reduces set-up time and increases efficienty through dependable repeatability of complex precision products.

CNC High-speed press brakes:

1 - Trumpf TruBlend 5170 capacity 170 tons x 14ft
1 - Cincinnati 230T capacity 230 tons x 12ft
1 - HTC Capacity 150 tons x 12ft
1 - Cinncinnati 135T capacity 130 tons x 10ft
1 - Durma capacity 66 tons x 8ft
2 - Cinncinnati 90T capacity 90 tons x 8ft
2 - Cinncinnati 60T capacity 60 tons x 4ft

Handles very tight tolerances
Extensive array of precision ground tooling

IMG 1939

Based on your specific material strength, material thickness and application requirements, our skilled press brake operators will program unique bend sequences and instructions required to run the CNC press brakes.  Our CNC press brakes with as many as eight axis back gauges allow us to handle a wide range of forming operators involving complex, tapered bends and multiple bend sequences.  We maximize our production efficiency by matching parts to appropriate press brakes. This technology allows Malach to provide high quality parts and competitive pricing for our customers. 

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malach brochure pictures 113 TruBend Serie 5000



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